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    • Aujan Industries

      Aujan Industries

      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES saw off challengers to land the job of re-building the drinks giant’s corporate website from scratch. This was a very
      rewarding project to work on and it cemented our ongoing association with the guys at Aujan.
    • Barbican


      This alcohol-free malt drink began life in the UK during the 1980s and is now the beverage of choice among
      Middle Eastern youths. We relished the opportunity to work with such a high profile and fashionable brand.
    • Barclays


      Barclays enlisted INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES’s expertise to help highlight the arrival of two new services in the UAE. We were required to
      adhere to strict guidelines so that our contribution fitted seamlessly with the online brand as a whole.
    • Carrefour


      The world’s second largest retail group enlisted INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES’s help to build an online retail portal for the Middle East
      capable of presenting their products in a clear, logical fashion with an emphasis on user-friendliness and simplicity.
    • Doha Media Centre

      Doha Media Centre

      DCMF is based in Qatar and fights to preserve freedom of press and support journalists across the Middle East;
      they came to INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES for a complete overhaul and revamp of their existing site.
    • Dubai Mall Mobile

      Dubai Mall Mobile

      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES were awarded the prestigious job of designing a new mobile website for the Dubai Mall. The remit was to enable shoppers to locate any store, restaurant or hotel in the mall using their handset, quickly and easily.
    • Dubai Marina Mall

      Dubai Marina Mall

      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES was recently commissioned to work alongside Emaar’s in-house team of technicians to assist with the development of Dubai Marina Mall's new site; this was part of a larger initiative to revamp the online presence of Emaar's 3 other malls.
    • Kraft Foods

      Kraft Foods

      Who doesn’t like chocolate? Kraft kept us plied with daily deliveries of Toblerone and Dairy milk while we put together
      their Middle East web project. The girls in the office are still working it off in the gym.
    • Reel Cinemas

      Reel Cinemas

      Reel Cinemas came to INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES seeking a mobile solution that would enable non-iPhone mobile users to easily access
      cinema listings and timings. We built a mobile site that was light, user-friendly and could be accessed by all smart phones.
    • Rivoli


      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES was responsible for building a completely new online presence for the luxury retailer, which
      has an expansive spread of stores across the Middle East selling prestigious international brands.
    • Vimto


      This fruit drink originates in Manchester, England and has been around for over 100 years, so INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES was
      very careful to stay faithful to the brand’s strong identity when building them a brand new site for the Middle East.
    • B360 Watches

      B360 Watches

      B360 watches are storming the Middle East with their amazing collection of contemporary, funky and downright cool wrist wear.
      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES was hired to portray the brand online through an online ecommerce store fully loaded with all of the collections.
    • Gianfranco Ferre

      Gianfranco Ferre

      Known as "The architect of fashion" for his background and his original attitude towards creating fashion design, the Gianfranco
      Ferré fashion house required a sound make-over of their site. INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES were honored to be approached to undertake this task.
    • IBN Battuta Mall

      IBN Battuta Mall

      IBN Battuta Mall is one of a small handful of super malls located in Dubai in the Jebal Ali district towards Abu Dhabi and near the Marina. The mall is named after the legendary traveler and explorer Ibn Battuta and is one of the most beautifully designed malls in the Emirate.
    • Souk Al Bahar

      Souk Al Bahar

      Souk Al Bahar, Dubai's popular Arabic entertainment and arts Souk located right next to Dubai Mall
      got a face lift on their website courtesy of the INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES designers and Emaar's talented web engineers.
    • COCO Prive

      COCO Prive

      Ultra relaxing, ultra discreet and amazingly beautiful breaks you will never forget. Sound nice? Well, we had the responsibility of ensuring the website for COCO Prive visually displayed this message while at the same time functioning in a very elegant way.
    • Conrad Hotel

      Conrad Hotel

      One of the latest leading hotels on Dubai’s ever growing tourist industry scene. INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES gave the site an entire make over with the designers suggesting a modern, contemporary and fashionable branded look and feel for one of many pitch presentations we become involved in.
    • The Address The BLVD, Downtown Dubai

      The Address The BLVD, Downtown Dubai

      Occupying the highest levels of Downtown Dubai’s second tallest tower, these premium luxury three, four and five bedroom serviced apartments offer lavish facilities and 5-star service. INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES designed and made the promotional website within 7 days.
    • Abu Dhabi International Airport

      Abu Dhabi International Airport

      Here are some pitch visuals for entrance on an RFP for Abu Dhabi International Airport.
      Fully laden with features, fulfilling up to the minute user expectations.
    • Abu Dhabi Racing Club

      Abu Dhabi Racing Club

      Full design and build in super-fast time for a super-fast team.
    • Burj Kalifa Sakani

      Burj Kalifa Sakani

      Sakani is a portal for residents and businesses residing in the Burj Kalifa, Dubai the single largest
      building ever constructed. INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES was in charge of design and production on this project.
    • Canvas and Wood

      Canvas and Wood

      Canvas & Wood Specialize in outdoor tent constructions for special occasions and exhibitions. Given the nature of the company’s product this was a really interesting project to work on from a design perspective through to HTML & Development.
    • Coldwell & Banker

      Coldwell & Banker

      CB are a well-known company in the real estate industry who required a solid web development company to take over their online material in the Middle East. After having issues with their previous development agency, INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES were happy to oblige and continue to deliver results for the client.
    • ERA


      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES created a large scale real estate development project for an Omani subsidiary of the World renowned ERA
      a huge name in the real estate industry. A detailed project using Design, Development and project management.
    • Hamptons


      INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES created a large scale real estate web development project for Hamptons a huge name in the
      real estate industry. A detailed project using Design, Development and project management.
    • New Age Beverages

      New Age Beverages

      Web service with ecommerce and product delivery solution attached allowing users to review the product,
      become immersed and progress to making a purchase action.
    • Tameer


      A real estate developer based in the UAE, and responsible for some of the more notable constructions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES team designed, built and delivered their online marketing site in conjunction with their brand manager and agency guidelines.
    • UConcept


      A high-end fitness company based in Dubai with very high demands in regards to their web material production.
      And high demands are never a problem for us, we have the same demands of ourselves.
    • The Address Hotels

      The Address Hotels

      Exciting new pitch visuals and production planning, including architecture refinement, highlights of key services
      and booking options, placed together by the INNOVATORS TECHNOLOGIES team within 5-7 days.
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